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Tomoyo is a 10 year old girl from CardCaptor Sakura. Her hobbies include taping Sakura, making costumes for Sakura, and all around obsessing over Sakura. It's kinda freaky, but I love her anyways.
"If Sakura-chan were a roast beef sub with lettuce and tomatoes, I would never eat it, only film it every day, and pour money into researching how to keep it fresh and unspoiled forever. And even if it did rot and spoil and crawl with maggots and mutate into a new dangerous life form, I would still love my Sakura-chan roast beef sub."
~Tomoyo on her love for Sakura-chan (from Senseless inc.)

Commonly used words by Tomoyo:

Sakura-chaaan, Sakura-chan, Saaakura, and KAWAII!!!
by Tomoyo the second and a half March 12, 2005

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