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a source of notoriously unreliable information
"Condoms cause AIDS? Where'd you hear that? Fox news' myspace page?"
by Tomohiro Idokoro July 20, 2006
that crap that your mom, minister, or significant other is always trying to fill your psychological inbox with
"Dude, Tracy blasted me with an emotional spam attack after I cancelled on her lame Walt Disney World plans at the last minute."
by Tomohiro Idokoro March 04, 2005
To have one's idiomatic invention appropriated or stolen without acknowledgement. Viz., when someone takes inspiration from your urbandictionary contribution to come up with their own and they end up being word of the day.

Compare emotional spam and body spam
That word skank partee slangered me big time.
by Tomohiro Idokoro April 21, 2005
Acronym for 'Dead On My Keyboard', but may be used more generally to describe anything that is lazy, lame, or uninspired.
After 16 hours straight of World of Warcraft, Dan was feeling pretty faded. But it was deveining the shrimp while surfing marykateandashley.com that left him totally domk.
by Tomohiro Idokoro January 20, 2005
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