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When a male grabs one of his testacles and gently squeezes so that the ball sack is tight around the testicle hence looking like a human brain.
Tom:Gee pat do you know what a brain looks like?
Pat:Why no i don't.
*Tom acts out the definition given*
Pat:Oh right cool, nice one

(Awkward silence)
#brain #testicle #balls #head #genital comedy
by Tomend and Pat August 15, 2007
A chunky bishop is an insult used when one is insulting a character who is slightly on the chubby side but at the same time has quite a respectable middle-class look about them.
PLEASE NOTE: If you have the experience of using 'chunky bishop' you may go onto the shortened quicker version pronounced 'chunky bish'. Please be aware though you may only advance onto using this abbreviated version when you have fully mastered the original insult, chunky bishop.
Pat:Hey, Adam you are such a chunky bishop
Adam (Posh tone): Well Patrick when you call me such insults i can only respond in a manner that will not furthermore encourage your poor sense of humour and of the english language
Pat: Well... whatever bish!
#chunky #bishop #bish #chunky bishop #obese
by Tomend and Pat August 15, 2007
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