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3 definitions by Tom has no names left

a good place to visit;
Those Germans were nice when I visited Europe. Unlike those fuckin Parisians who stuck me with a huge bill when I was pissed on by my drunk-ass-sleep-walking friend who decided to drink a shit-load of heinikens instead of seeing the Eiffel tower and, he decided to pass out before going pee and ended up peeing on me at 2 in the morning and I ended up taking a thirty minute shower and thsoe fuckin Parisian decided NOT to put a shower curtain in our room and I got it all wet and the water leaked downstairs and those fuckers decid that I need to pay for the wet tiles event though the fuck-faces knew for a long time that the floor leaked. I hate Paris. But Germany I liked. They are nice in Germany.
by Tom has no names left October 24, 2006
term used when a person comes to accept that he/she is thoughrly screwed
Kid 1: Dude, you just knocked up Mike Tyson's daughter!

Kid 2: O Shit..... that sucks.
by Tom has no names left October 24, 2006
Porno music; the sound typically assosciated w/ porno or to porno soundtracks
Tom: Uhn tiss, uhn tiss, uhn tis...

by Tom has no names left October 24, 2006