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A sandwich that is made by placing two slices of bread separately on a plate and spreading chunky peanut butter on top of both pieces. Honey is then squirted onto one of the pieces and a crisp waffle is laid on top of the slice of bread and peanut butter. The other peanut butter slice is then placed on top of the waffle. Your girlfriend's mother hates them, and they prompt her to think that you smoke large amounts of marley. They are possibly the best sandwiches in the entire world.
Mother: (your girlfriend's name), why do you think he likes waffle sandwiches so much?

Your girlfriend: I don't know, he just does...

Mother: Nobody that is functioning normally would ever think that a waffle, bread, peanut butter, and honey is appetizing.
by Tom Spear May 19, 2008
A barbecue with greenery. Usually large amounts of friends and weed are present. Granolas will usually attend too; you can tell them by the crocs they will be wearing. Cops are not usually on the invite list.
Dude: That Humbolt County BBQ was totally fryin' man.

Dude 2: Hell yeah bra, that herb was so dope...
by Tom Spear May 17, 2008

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