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3 definitions by Tom Monaghan

Spastiche, or 'stiche', is a mixture of any available alcoholic substances usually created in the early hours of the morning. The more types of alcohol used, the higher the grade of stiche.
"Last night we made a six way Spastiche. It was amazing.."
by Tom Monaghan March 13, 2008
5 1
When you are busting for a pooh.

(Maltesers being small round nuggets of chocolate).

Very much similar to Nibbling chocolate.
Oi Dave, where's the bog? I'm squeezing Maltesers..
by Tom Monaghan July 01, 2011
2 0
When you desparately need a shit.

Similar to Squeezing Maltesers
Tina, I cant walk any further. I'm nibbling chocolate..
by Tom Monaghan July 01, 2011
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