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7 definitions by Tom Li

The language was created by Anthony Burgess for his book A Clockwork Orange. The language is a mixture of Russian and English slang, many people attempt to translate every word as they go along but the way to get the most enjoyment is to simply read the word as is and the further you get into the book the more you will understand.
I viddied a malchick walking down the street and this made me tolchock him in the yarbles, but the rozzes showed up and I was sent off to the roz shop and then the barry place.
by Tom Li May 15, 2005
Altoids are a series of candy and mints manufactured by Callard & Bowser (a UK company). The mints were originally sold in small rectangular tins with the tagline: 'Curiously Strong Mints.'After the mints became very popular, Altoids has now created a range of sour gum and sour mints. Altoids also has another drawing power: the packaging. Each packet of Altoids comes in a small tin or round tin all of which are designed in clever and pleasing ways.
Also offering someone an Altoid, in some social circles is in fact an offer for them to partake in an act of oral sex!
Woa! Dude check out that snazzy pack of altoids!
by Tom Li September 11, 2005
'Your Mum' is the original english version of the insult. The American readers among us will be more accustomed to 'Your Momma.' The insuslt can be added as a come back (though not a very good one) to any insult. The comeback does not have to be related in any way to the insult and can be completely incoherent.
This is an example of and incoherent version
'You such such a cock sucker'
'Your Mum.'
This is a coherent example
'Fuck you! You suck cock'
'So does your Mum'
by Tom Li March 20, 2005
The Film was highly controversial, the book was highly controversial...Fuck it! Everything about it was controversial. Koushun Takami wrote the novel and it immediately became a cult classic. The book gives a much deeper isight into each of the characters and unfortunately the film turns the whole story into a shacky violence crazed story. My advice: Read the book, Screw the movie
42 students, 1 island, an assortment of weapons and if after 3 days they dont kill each other until 1 is left...They all die.
by Tom Li March 20, 2005
Chaboozeshney: a word orginally created by a Londoner, who sought to create a multi-purpose word which can be substituted for any word. Thus, Chaboozeshney was created, depending on slight differences in pitch, lenghth and emphasis this word can mean absolutely anything.
I went down to the chaboozeshney. How are you chaboozeshney. Can I have a chaboozeshney?
by Tom Li February 07, 2005
Verb: to berry. It means to send e-mails using one's Blackberry.
I was berryin' this girl the other day.
by Tom Li March 20, 2005
42 is according to Douglas Adams' Hitchhicker's Guide To The Galaxy the answer to the ultimate question. The ultimate answer was produced by a huge computer known only as 'Deep Thought.'
As you may be wondering now...What the hell is the ultimate question? Well, according to Adams the ultimate question is 7 X 9. Which makes even less sense. So it is up to you to make your decision as to what this all means.
The Ultimate Answer is 42.
by Tom Li February 27, 2005