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An abnoxious, pretentious faggot that enjoys whoring himself around the NG BBS. For some reason, completely unknown to any decent member of the NG forums, he was made a mod.

Ozcar like to post topics pertaining to completely inane subjects. One such subject might be about the way his dog barked today, or the fact that he's drinking coke at the moment. Most of these threads are accompanied by shitty imagess of him carrying out said actions. Most users enter these threads and proceed to jump up Ozcar's ass, naming him a demi-God of kinds. He's nothing of the sort, by the way.

This flagrant Mexican enjoys banning people for reasons as equally worthless as his topics. All jokes are lost on him. ALL JOKES. You see, since Ozcar speaks such shitty English, he fails to understand simple concepts such as sarcasm and/or irony, and will ban for their use.

Ozcar, like most of his fellow country-men, likes to steal things. In this case, flash characters.

If it were up to me, which it should be, he'd be cast out of NG for good, finally freeing it from untold amounts of faggotry. But, his extreme amounts of suckupery will ensure this never happens.

All in all, he's a failure wrapped in a shit-stain. No doubts.
Ozcar : Please el to me la Ozcar

Guy 1 : Dude, that really wasn't funny.

Ozcar : El Bannio

Guy 2 : Don't you think that was a little unfair, I mean the guy was only stating his opinion ?

Ozcar : You complainy about el Mods. El Bannio.

Guy 3 : Wow, you're SUCH a smart user "guy 2". Pfft.

Ozcar : You agree with someone I do notsa. You bannio.

Guy 4 : I think he was being sarcastic, Ozcar.

Ozcar: El bannio.
by Tom Fulp Esquire April 29, 2005
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