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noun. Slang.

shez schez sheh-zaad sche-zaad shez'd shezzing
Other variations: Shez or Schez, Shehzaad or Shezad or Shezaad or Schezaad, also: Shez'd, Shezzing.

1. An epic fail or deception that eventually collapses under the weight of it's own lies.
2. A person who is sexually unfaithful to their partner and may have several secret relationships or affairs going at the same time.
3. A person who is closeted for their career and gets caught and outed.
4. A younger male person who pleases an older gay man for financial gain, or to further their career.

Origins: Shehzaad (SHEZ) is derived from the ancient Urdu - شهزاد

Meaning: Prince, son of king. Shahzad \sha(h)-zad\ as a boy's name is of Persian origin, and the meaning of Shahzad is "son of the king". "Shah" in Persian means "king".
1. Dude! I totally shez'd things up! / Dude you're a total shez!
2. Dude i've made a total shez of things! My boyfriend found out about the others and is going to kill me!
3. S*** Dude! I got caught on Grindr at work! I'm such a shez! everyone's going to know i'm gay now!
4. I hear Tony's got a new shez now, treats him like a prince! and he's even cuter than the last one!
by Toiful March 29, 2013

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