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Verb form - Li Zhang'd, Li Zhanging
1. (n) He is the god of all living things.
2. (n) He rocks at anything he does.
3. (n) He is really hot and sexy - almost to the extent of destroying himself by being too hot or too sexy.
4. (n) The person that is really awesome.
5. (v) to completely own something or someone
6. (v) to annihilate

Origin: Roots from the word awesome, godlike, and pwn.
1. Li Zhang said 'let there be beer', and there was. And it was good.
2. Li Zhang completely owned everyone at paintball.
3. Li Zhang is so hot and sexy, his pants almost melted off.
4. I saw Li Zhang today and nearly died.
5. I Li Zhang'd there for a minute, when I killed a ??+ monster on WoW.
6. The black mage was Li Zhanging the entire town.
by Tod Gerald March 11, 2005

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