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Mini trucks was a fad that started around the early to mid 80s. Its original truck was an 84-85 Nissan P/U. The younger generation started to put a wide rim and low profile tires that stuck out past the fender for that 80s look. The trucks became popular for very loud thunderous stereo systems that usually came from the shell or bed. These stereo systems had a "Bassy" sound that could be heard blocks away. The trucks where also famous for having convertables installed on a pu truck. It was the first of its kind but did not stick for very long. They had clubs that had a varitey of small pu trucks that ranged from Toyota, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Chevy and even VW pickups that where lowered. These trucks could be altered in a variety of ways from really extreme paint with pictures and heavy customizing such as "suicide doors" which where doors that where opened the opposite way a normal door opens. These trucks where known to have a typical rim know as the "Dayton" wire rim which is a rim that pretty much kept its look. The rims on these beasts where a typical size of 15x7-10 inch rim that had wires laced up inside the rim with a knock-off in the center. It came from Chrome, anodized colors and even pure gold plated on some. Some had a soft material that covered the camper shell and cab for that soft top "Caddie"look. They even had Rag tops in the cab and shell as well which was a popular style in the 80s. These trucks where also notorious for bed dancing hydrolics. The "Bed" of the cab would do tricks that was supported by a custom frame with hydrolic pumps. Some spinned around completly in circles, some dumped back like a dump truck and others went straight up with a "sissor" like frame to make the bed higher than the cab. These trucks would show off the purpose of these where all for show and to gain easy access to the chrome undercarrage as well. All in all the fad died in the early 90s but can still be seen in some parts of the US and maybe France today. The ones that are seen today though cought on with the Fast and furious crowd and where made for a more sporty truck look.
Man, that dood sold his mini truck for 3k but invested almost 50k in the long haul.
by Toby Fresh July 26, 2004

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