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You stick your dick all the way into a girls ass, while wearing a cowboy hat and then tell her that her sister is tighter. After that you maintain penetration as long as you can until she bucks you off.
I met up with her after I banged her sister and decided to give her the Angry Bronco. I held on for a full 8 seconds before she bucked me off.
by Tobe Pierce May 19, 2008
When a girl queef's and fart's in the past tense.
After she quarfed 2 minutes ago, I distinctly smelt vagasil and a carne asada burrito.
by Tobe Pierce July 11, 2008
You place your balls in the eye sockets of a person and lay your dick over their nose so they resemble Gonzo from Jim Henson's muppets.
I gave Charles the Gonzo last night and he still has my taint smear on his forehead.
by Tobe Pierce July 10, 2008

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