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To take over something, to steal the show, or to take what one wants.
Man that mother fucker came in here and just boss hogged all my beer!
by To- dawg October 03, 2006
when "Fuck You" doesn't quite say it, try "Fuck your Mamma"
Even more emphasis can be added by adding a simple "Bitch" to the end of the phrase.
"Fuck your mamma, bitch"
by To- dawg October 03, 2006
a pair of white rubber boots
Look at that dork, he's wearing hackberry reeboks
by To- dawg October 04, 2006
A prank where a male slides his penis through the hole in a donut, then runs around his office asking if anyone wants a bite of his donut.
SALLY: I wonder where Bob is?
TOM: I think he went in the kitchen.
BOB: Does anyone want a bite of my donut?
SALLY: Oh, Bob, you're such a cutie.
TOM: I can't believe I fell for the old "Donut Fucker"
by To- dawg October 04, 2006
To have sex with a woman. Normally rough sex.
"Hey dawg, that hoe let me knock it down last night."
by To- dawg October 03, 2006
To insert your penis into a womans anal cavity. In other words, To Fuck a Bitch in the Ass.
I was knockin it down with Shoniqua last night, dawg.

Did she let you P in da Butt?

You know it.
by To- dawg October 03, 2006

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