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1. The most beautiful female in the world. Most people think of her as an angel, but is actually a goddess in human form.
2. A word that can be used in any part of speech to mean beautiful, smart, sexy, awesome, etc.
Verb: He Estefanied the park enough to make everyone love it.
Noun: That was Estefania.
Adverb: With you or without you, I can Estefanialy make this work.
Adjective: When I look into your eyes, I can't look away because they are so Estefania.
by Tips and Tricks February 08, 2008
1. A word that can be used in any part of speach to mean something cool, good, funny, etc.
Do not use it as an exclamation or pronoun, it makes you look uncivilized.
2. One of the coolest and nicest people on the planet.
Verb: He Soroushed it, making it very awesome.
Noun: That was wildest Soroush I have seen.
Adverb: Her invention was Soroushingly innovated.
Adjective: All those cute guys look so Soroush.
by Tips and Tricks February 08, 2008

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