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3 definitions by Ting Ting Panda King

MSN Dunce.
One who regularly sends messages to unintended recipients.
''I think I just pooed whole vimto bon bons''

''that SO wasn't for you''

''I'm such an emescendunce''
by Ting Ting Panda King November 05, 2009
When you suggest that your girlfriend wears loads of eyemakeup, then get them to give you a blowjob. Whilst they are there, grab their head and pull them inhem til they gag and the tears stream down their face- making the makeup run, and them look like a Panda.
''She's not talking to me again''
''Why this time?''
''I gave her a serious Panda last night''
by Ting Ting Panda King November 04, 2009
Term used in place of 'fk buddy', 'booty call' or 'friend with benefits'; 'Denver' is drawn from the late 80's cartoon 'Denver the last Dinosaur'.

The Theme tune lyrics are 'Denver the last Dinosaur: He's my friend and a whole lot more'.
''Hi, Mate, fancy coming shopping later?'

'Sorry- I'm seeing Denver'
by Ting Ting Panda King November 10, 2009