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Unsanitary or unsighly genitalia, usually resulting from the contraction of some sort of venereal disease. Yuck junk characteristics may include foul odors, discoloration, bumps, lesions, etc.
"yeah, she's cute and all, but she has got some SERIOUS yuck-junk!! As crudded up as that girl is, you would be better off fucking a monkey from Sub-Saharan Africa........ or a Haitian refugee. You should wash your dick for even thinking about it!!"
by Timmy the Hutt March 05, 2011
(Noun) a term used in reference to any person who has managed to survive his or her mother's failed abortion attempt(s).

The term is traditionally used in reference to a child, but can be applied to any abortion survivor who has achieved the legal age of adulthood as well.
"That baby is unusually cute......for a bortee."

Jane: "Man, Bob seems to have some serious trust issues."

Steve: " Yeah, you can thank his mother for that.....ever since he found out that he is a bortee..."
by Timmy the Hutt February 13, 2011
Mouth-dibs is an utterance used to secure "dibs" on the oral cavity of a female prior to engaging in multi-partner intercourse. It is customary, when running a train on a girl with a questionable sexual history, for a participant to call "mouth-dibs", thereby mitigating their personal risk of contracting a venereal disease as a result of the escapade.
Bob "Hey, Sally wants us to come over and put her in some finger-cuffs later!!"

Stan " I guess, dude, but I call "mouth-dibs" on that bitch......I don't like the way her resume reads!!"
by Timmy the Hutt March 05, 2011
A phrase used to describe any male who demonstrates an unusually large amount of feminine tendencies. The phrase is best applied when the effeminate male is larger than average in terms of physical stature. The phrase is a play on words referencing the Great Wall of China.
Jane "Jesus, Kimo is one big, fruity bastard!"

Bob "Yeah...he is suprisingly swishy, given his size....What a great wall of gina!!"
by Timmy the Hutt February 13, 2011
A pejorative term used to describe an individual of both Italian and (black)African heritage. The term is a hybrid of the terms "dago" and "nigger".
Ron "I am having a hard time putting my finger on Jason's ??"

Scott " His mom is a straight-up guinnea, and his dad is some big, fucking black dude..."

Ron "So he's a fucking dagger!!?? No wonder he beats his wife!!"
by Timmy the Hutt March 05, 2011

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