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2 definitions by Timid Appleton

The name of every Vocaloid concert, consisting of mainly the most popular Vocaloid known, Miku Hatsune. Other two very popular Vocaloids Rin and Len Kagamine (twins), and Luka Megurine, are also in the concert. In each concert, there is a screen set up in front of an audience. There, 3D models of each character perform and sing to each of their songs. Luka, Miku, and the Kagamines (rin,len.) Belong to Crypton Future Media.
2009:Mikupa unknown name
2010:Mikupa 39's Giving Day! note: { '39' in japanese is pronounced as 'miku', thus, Miku's Giving Day. }
2011:Mikupa 39's thanks! LIVE IN TOKYO!
Mikupa 2011 was fantastic, although it wasn't all the same being hosted by 5pb.
by Timid Appleton March 27, 2011
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Something that is unbelievably amazing, it's compared to Chuck Norris.
Dude! This boxing match has so much Chucknorrosity!
by Timid Appleton March 27, 2011
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