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The act of stimulating oneself to the point of orgasm whilst imagining the future, mature appearance of an unfortunately under-aged hottie.
Why should I have to wait 3 years to masturbate to an 18 year old Selena Gomez when I can futurbate to her right now?
#futurbate #futurebate #future #masturbate #orgasm
by Time Traveling Masturbator March 02, 2011
1. A person, having come from a pro-rice culture, who holds a negative and hostile view towards bread.
2. A person who persecutes other people due to their pro-bread attitudes and behaviors.
When the Asian woman suggested it would be better to eat the freshly cooked bacon with rice rather than bread, her companion proclaimed, "You are an ANTI-BREADITE!"
#bread #rice #anti #culture #persecute
by Time Traveling Masturbator July 31, 2011
A person with a prejudiced belief that one culture's rice is superior to other cultures.
When Masako refused a plate of Indian rice, saying it was not as good as Japanese rice, her horrified friend said, "You are so RICIST!"
#prejudice #rice #ricist #ricism #ricial
by Time Traveling Masturbator July 31, 2011
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