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A person that has 2 modes, bouncing around for some of the time and then spending the rest of the time in bed. Prolonged sleeping is not uncommon and station cats going into near hibernation for periods of 24hrs. They also suffer from a severe phobia of menstruation and the slightest mention of a tampon can send the station cat into a state of sheer panic. They also have a tendancy to get their penis out at the sight of a female cat as they believe that this is the best way to mate with a female. However this is not to their advantage considering most station cats have the misfortune of having small members and oversized testes. Station cats are rare to find but if you stumble across one then you are sure not to forget them.
to be hyperactive one minute and the next be almost in a deep sleep akin to a coma the next you are known to be a station cat
to have testes that are oversized and a small member and use this as a chat up line to females you are known to be a station cat
by Tim Weston October 12, 2006

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