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greatest thing to come from massachusetts, micky ward is a ballsy retired junior welterweight professional boxer from Lowell, Mass. Irish and standing at 5'8'' he had a 38 win 27 ko record. He is most famous for his three fights with Gatti, the first of which he won (look it up and watch it) and the second he lost in a knockout after taking a serious beating and a punch that broke gatti's right hand. Not the most skillful boxer, Ward had an amazing left hook to the body and could take hits like only an Irishman can. He is the subject of the song Warrior's Code by dropkick murphys and he is on the cover of the album. A true underdog, Micky Ward is God.
It's another murderous night
Another left hook from hell
A bloody war on the boardwalk
And the kid from Lowell rises to the bell
It's a warrior's code
He's got the warrior's soul
Micky Ward
by Tim Jenkinson April 19, 2007
The greatest spring sport, tied with football for second best sport ever (second to hockey), and the sport which takes the most balls by far. Lacrosse requires strength skill speed and balls. Middies in lacrosse run enough to make baseballers look like crippled fags, and lax goalies are the only goalies who know what pain is, taking unbelievably fast speeding rubber bullets to the shins for the helluvit. People who think lax is for fags shouldnt be blamed cuz their legally retarded.
Lax also happens to be the most sexual sport to talk about.
tard: lacrosse is gay
lax player: ur gay
by Tim Jenkinson April 17, 2007

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