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1. (Adjective)In Skateboarding, an object high enough to rack yourself on would have nut jeopardy.

2. (Noun)Falling, usaully on a rail, and being in danger of racking yourself. Nut Jeopardy is the whole time you are in danger or up until the time you rack yourself.
Tim: dude i hit my front trucks trying to boardslide Brooks Rail. I was in major nut jeopardy all the way down. But i didnt get racked

Drew: Hahahah nut jeopardy? That could have sucked.
by Tim Hall May 10, 2007
1. A polite greeting used to show enthusiasm.
2. Using someones full name can be used to attract someone's attention or to clarify who you are talking to.
3. Using someone's full name if often, soon, followed by an "eee".

Pioneered by a K.Dubbs using someones full name has developed into a formal greeting whithin a smalll group of Virginian friends.
Saying someone's full name

Pokahantas: John Smith i like your steez. Eee.

John Smith: Pokahantas when you can kickflip oldschool stairs first try then you can talk to me.
by Tim Hall May 10, 2007
Eee is another one of K.Dubbs famous sayings.

It is most commonly used as a sentence spicer, and will never fail to make you cool.
George Washington: Abe Lincoln you get sloppy seconds! Eee.

Abe Lincoln: George Washington your kinda president blockin' me.:/
by Tim Hall May 10, 2007

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