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any female who takes her whorish ways one step beyond the level of slut... hence sluu, qrsTUvw
A girl is making out with a kid and playing a little tug the chub on the dance floor, she is a slut.

A girl who is willing to get down on her knees on a frats piss covered bathroom floor and either give you oral or vaginal pleasure, she is a sluu for shoooo.
by Tim Bianco March 18, 2008
an insult used to demean the likes of a friend or relative who has e.d.... implying that said person might as well tie a kite to his dick
Mike:So how did the other night go?
Justin:I've sure had better performances, if you know what I mean.
Mike:Man, what a dick kite!
by Tim Bianco March 17, 2008
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