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When two people are playing naked leapfrog, and the person doing the 'leaping' doesn't quite make it over the other person, thus landing on their head, hence giving the unlucky person a 'chocolate yarmulka'
"Did a bird just drop a load on your head, or did you just get a chocolate yarmulka at the nudist colony?"
by Tim A October 17, 2005
A fart that smells like corn and lingers
"You may want to avoid this area for a while, I just dropped a corn-cloud over here"
by Tim A October 25, 2005
when your doin chick doggy style and she gives you the nod to put it in her butt. you jam it in and she goes uh! uh! uh! uh!
I gave your mom the noise dolphin last night
by Tim A October 21, 2003

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