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The female version of the junk press. When a woman presses her breasts up against a man in the hopes of obtaining something. This has been seen in bars, hair salons, massage parlors and various other areas where females are known to appear.
I went to get a massage the other day, and the masseuse kept breast pressing me...I was at half-mast by the end of the massage!! I gave her a huge tip though, and I will defintely see her again.

I was washing this guys hair at work yesterday, and I used a breast press to get a bigger tip from him.

Betty totally just breast pressed that guy into buying her another drink!! I wish I had bigger tits so that I could do that.
by Tim, on behalf of Q100 January 21, 2009
The act of a man pressing his genitalia on any part of a woman in a social setting. This is done in an effort to arouse the female and will hopefully lead to obtaining a phone number or a hook-up.
I was at the bar with my girlfriends last night and this fugly guy kept junk pressing me. It was nasty.
by Tim, on behalf of Q100 January 21, 2009

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