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A reference to something that is of ultra-high quality. Tightest of tight.
Saw this killer speed metal band with a drummer like a fucking machine, was beyond badass, it was Tighter Than A Newborn.
#tight pussy #asshole #tight #badass #ultra killer #fucking gnarly
by Tighter Than A Newborn July 25, 2011
A devout christian conservative that bitches about other religions wanting to implement their beliefs into society who ironically pumps their own christian horseshit down everyone's throat.
Heard this motherfucking CHRIST LOVER bitching today about Muslims wanting to force Sharia Law on innocent American children. Next thing outta his mouth was how we need to force prayer in public schools.
#christians #conservative #sharia #law #religious nut
by Tighter Than A Newborn July 25, 2011
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