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v.The act of having sexual intercourse from the rear where both hands of a woman are used as ski poles while the male copulates in a downhill motion like that of a skier. As the male ejaculates he hits the ski-jump. n. Variation of booming.
I was ski-boomin in that ass like she was a Nordic Track.

Guy1: Hey did you boom on her yet?
Guy2: Boy I ski-boomed so ill she gave me the gold medal on that ass!
by Tight Pockets November 16, 2010
V. To have sexual intercourse while choking the individual being penetrated to produce orgasm.
Put both hands on her throat then chokestab her until she cums on your shoes!
by Tight Pockets November 16, 2010
V. The act of intercourse while choking to intensify orgasm.

Origin Chicago. Also known as chokestab or chokepoke.
What you think..... Shit I gagboomed that ho!
by Tight Pockets November 20, 2010

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