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1. A person exhibiting religious delusions, obsessions, compulsions or psychoses as a result of touring the holy city of Jerusalem. This person is said to have no previous history of mental problems, and most often these symptoms pass some time after leaving Israel.
2. May also be used to describe anyone becoming suddenly extremely religious, no matter where they live.
1. John went wacko while touring Jerusalem. He stood on the walls of the old city in his boxers and called the passers by to renounce all their worldly possessions. He got hospitalized in the nearest loony bin and got diagnosed as a severe case of Jerusalem syndrome.
2. Gina's got some form of Jerusalem syndrome. She's constantly going on about Christ and being saved and all that evangelical sh*t.
by Tiffany Twisted April 02, 2009
Acronym - Posting For A Friend

Posting, as a favor, to a mailing list or a forum for someone who is not on the aforementioned mailing list or forum. The friend does not have to sign up to get the benefits of membership. The poster writes "Posting for a friend" with the hope that he will not be tied to the post, nor get the further inquiries. Most of the time this does not work.
from John <john.doe@gmail.com>
to newyork-aptmnts@googlegroups.com,
date Thu, Jul 30, 2009 at 8:32 PM
subject - PFAF: 3BR+bath near central park

Posting for a friend - 3BR+bath near central park Bla Bla Bla
Please respond directly to jane.doe@gmail.com I know nothing more about this.
by Tiffany Twisted July 30, 2009

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