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Sometimes seen as a cheesy tactic in strategy games in which a player will load up any transport with a heavy vehicle, like a tank or catapult, moves forward and unloads it, kills some people with it, then loads it back up again and runs away. He repeats until you figure out that you should stop him.
"Billy Bob, stop tank dropping me! Stop being such a frooglet you noobie nooblet!"
by Thy Froogle King March 23, 2005
1.commonly used in middle school or high school, originating from the practice of using a Freshman's (or underclassman's) head to "scrub" the inside of a toilet.
2.simply a new comer or underling
1."Hey scrub! Understand this: don't bug me or else you'll be sleeping with the goldfishes"
2."Fact #1, scrubs are at the very bottom of the food chain, chain of command, importance, and only serve as a waste of skin, time, and air."
by Thy Froogle King March 21, 2005
The nickname of the the Halo or Halo II rocket launcher when used "noobily" by a noob that hogs the rocket launcher(the most powerful weapon in the game) and tends to "camp" but ultimately loses the battle and/or all his dignity and reputation.
"Your noob tactics only encourage us to severely own you in a few seconds and you won't have your stupid noobtube to help you, think fast ya nooblet!"
by Thy Froogle King March 22, 2005

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