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1 definition by Thurston Kilgore

A white person who can socialize with blacks without bieng a wigger, nor a patronizing anglo-saxon with a White Saviour complex.

Said person may have grown up in neighborhood or school with many members of a minority. Also, they may just have common sense.

Also known as "Cool Ass White Boy".
Take my friend Mad Monkey, for instance. He enjoys Hip-Hop, plays funk bass guitar, but displays no characteristics of a teenage caucasian male or female who spends most of their time watching BET.

I can bring him with me into the projects to buy a bag of weed without people bieng suspicious of him bieng a narc, and he feels no need to alter his speech, carriage or dress in order to fit in or interact with people of another race.

I also have no fear of any inappropriate behavior or comments from him. He has common sensee, and is a good person.

He's cool.
by Thurston Kilgore November 15, 2004