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When someone, usually a girl but not always, misses a spare or gets a gutter ball then puts on a pouty face, balls their hands into fists and stomps back to their seat, in a tantrum-esk way.
Ben: How was bowling last night?

Joe: Not bad, I was in the two hundreds every game but Sue couldn't break a hundred and was Bitch Bowling all night.
by Thulsa Doom October 25, 2011
Grape Prancing: the act of stomping grapes to make wine like a tourist.

Someone who always wanted to stomp grapes for wine but doesn't want to get too dirty. So while the original grape smashers are stepping away like it's nothing, the tourist is kinda prancing around, giggling like a fool, and not really doing much work but taking up space.
Being a I love Lucy fan, Kim always wanted to go to a grape stomp but after less then a minute of Grape Prancing she was told to leave.
by Thulsa Doom October 25, 2011
a person who is notably stupid or lacking in good judgment.
Psychology . a person of borderline intelligence in a former classification of mental retardation, having an intelligence quotient of 49 to 69.

from brainstem, lack of brain, just a stem that does basic functions eat sleep shit fuck
I didn't invite Tim to our study group because he is a stem.

BOB: I can't believe you are dating Kate.
Bill: Why?
BOB: She is a complete stem.
Bill: I know, that's why I am dating her, stems need love 2.
by Thulsa Doom February 14, 2011

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