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snorting cum from the dick hole
have u ever had a cock snort? it reall blows your mind!
by Thuggish_l2ubbish April 28, 2003
a fat ugly bitch whore who lives in Arizona that plays games with her husband who is a truck driving retard with rotten teeth and that likes to jerk off onto lil boys. splittail has no life and plays Motocross Madness 1 on the MSN Gaming Zone www.zone.com/motocrossmad incase u wanna make fun of her... why not everyone else does! Anywayz back to splitter, shes around 50 y/o and has like 1 kid, the rest she adopted from blitz's fat fuckin family.
has your dick ever been bitten by a fat old bitch? thats called a splittail
by Thuggish_l2ubbish May 10, 2003

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