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A liberal town on the border of the Austin ghetto. A conflicted town that is half "Leave it to Beaver" and half street. Where suburban white boys go to buy and do drugs.
"This is how we roll in Oak Park."
by Thrilla in Vanilla November 24, 2004
To ignore, overlook, or to forget something. Used as a verb, to sleep on something. Overlooking something that is deemed good or tight.
"Yall can sleep on the Steelers. They finna take it all this year."
by Thrilla in Vanilla November 24, 2004
A liberal arts college with the reputation of having ugly females with massive amounts of bodyhair. A gathering of the most unattractive women from across America.

An adjective, meaning ugly, strange, bizzare, "unique."
God damn it, Beloit!

That girl is so Beloit, I want to vomit.
by Thrilla in Vanilla November 24, 2004

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