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Synonym for "retarded Texan who misleads his country into war for the personal benefits of his partners and him"
President Bush is a lying douche. Hang him now.
by Thrash Attack Zack March 31, 2007
The Awesome Party Squad is not a band, or a gang, or a silly hardcore crew or something like that....it is a social order, if you will, of totally sweet dudes / dudettes that have dedicated their lives to being awesome and righteously kicking ass at all times. If this describes you, then you are down with the Awesome Party Squad.

The Awesome Party Squad works for the common good by making everything around it more radical. Having existed since the dawn of time and space, squad members have been responsible in some way for nearly every great thing that has ever happened anywhere, ever.
by Thrash Attack Zack July 24, 2008

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