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A sissy man commonly referred to as a fat sack of shit, he waste his life daily farming gear and gaining levels on WoW. He has no social life what so ever, he hisses at the sun. It is said to be so that jaggar has spent over 1800hrs in a single chair.NO evidence was provided to prove said claim but it is widely speculated to be true. As friends and family stand by as his fat&rage meters sky rockets, his social life & physical well being are plummeting to level never thought reachable.
Frank: Hey Jaggar I know I am asking a lot by doing this but... Would you like to go to the movies later tonight with some friends?

Jaggar: I can't Frank, I gotta raid Black Temple in about 8 hours so I am getting prepared now. Since your going our can you pick me up 3 jumbo popcorn's and a 64oz.

Frank:Jaggar.... Jesus Christ Jaggar...

Jaggar: What did i do , go away your letting light in and disturbing my farming.

Frank: Jaggar I'm sorry I'm the one who has to say this to you but... Your an out of control fat ass who is going to die from a heart attack at the age of 17. You are a worthless slob who will only get some from your cats.

Jaggar: Rofl ,gtfo noob , while your wasting your life going to the movies with "friends" I am succeeding in life and helping my guild progress. Without me this guild would fall apart.

Frank: Maybe thats a sign that you need a fucking life dude.

Jaggar: I don't need this shit fuck you , /ignore (puts headset on while he puts his soda on his gut)

--No cats were harmed in the making of this scenario--
by Thorius Fattyburg August 14, 2008

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