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An A-Cup or lower in bra sizes.
So named for it resembles the cup-size of a barely pubescent girl.
Shakira often complains about being a loli-cup.
by Thora "Trif" Rogers May 30, 2006
Slang for the Australian fast-food chain Oportos.
I went over to Oporno's yesterday and got a Large Bondage Meal!
by Thora "Trif" Rogers September 19, 2006
1. An unusually large amount of curly pubic hair near one's anus, resembling a 'fro.

2. An afro which splits into two, hence resembling a pair of buttocks.
1. "No wonder that stripper doesn't have many customers! She's got a fucking assfro!"

2. I was at the club one night and this total wannabe with a huge assfro tried to pick me up.
by Thora "Trif" Rogers July 14, 2006
1. Slang term to descibe an axolotl.

2. An axolotl who is just BEGGING for a mate, but their owner doesn't want to get another pet.

3. A penis.
Gotta go, I have to feed my Mexican Wanking Fish...

My pet axolotl Bubbles is SUCH a Mexican Wanking Fish. He drops his sperm everywhere in the tank and I'm too afraid to stick my hand in the tank to feed him.
I am saving up for that cute pair of pink high-heels and I don't want to get him a stupid mate!

Dude, do your fly up - I can see your Mexican Wanking Fish!
by Thora "Trif" Rogers September 22, 2006

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