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an all purpose word, used in any phrase in any context. can be used as verb, adjective, adverb, noun, pronoun. It is also useful for talking in code. you may replace the word " magurt" with any word you would like to keep private.
Verb uses: "stop magurting me. " (stop bothering me )
"magurt away from me. " (get away from me )

Adjective uses: "That girl is magurt." (that girl is exceptionally attractive )
" You're magurted." (you are under the influence)

Adverb uses: "He ran away from that dog all magurtly." (he ran away from that dog quickly)

Noun uses: "That guy is such a magurt." (That guy is such a bastard)
"Hide the magurt." ( Hide the substance)
by Thomas georgebetter July 06, 2006
A pronoun used to name any liquid, but most often used when refferring to alcoholic beverages consumed with the intent of getting drunk. Depending on the tone in which it is said, it can be used as a substitute for the word "alcohol." This is effective because an outside listener will not be able to be one hundred percent sure whether the user is talking about alcohol or not.
"Get some chugables for tonight." (get some alcoholic beverages that we can get drunk off for tonight)

"Dude, I am super thirsty, lets go get some chugables." (I am super thirsty, lets go get some water/juice/non alcoholic beverage)

If a police officer is lurking nearby, one could say "Hide the chugables." (hide the alcohol)
by Thomas georgebetter July 08, 2006
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