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Originated in Ft. Lauderdale Florida USA. A Pat Magroyne is a Paedophile rapist and a racist.
You are a sick Pat Magroyne and you deserve life in prison
by Thomas XXII October 24, 2010
The phrase originated in the state of Florida of the USA. It refers to a very biased and ignorant person.
Look at that Enos Penvy!!
by Thomas XXII October 04, 2010
A prejudiced racist, a person of very low intelligence.
You hate persons of color? You are a Guillaume Ier de Normandie
by Thomas XXII October 18, 2010
A Cupid Stunt is a retch of a person. Originating in Florida's prison system, the term is spreading through the southwest US states. A Cupid Stunt can be a Paedophile, rapist or generally any sexual predator.
The Cupid Stunt got 30 years in prison for molesting a boy.
by Thomas XXII October 26, 2010

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