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A pistol made by Sig, some models are P-232, P-228, and P-229.
I like sigs.
by Thomas Splasky August 29, 2003
A make of gun, it is most acredited with the 92FS, but it also makes compact carry pistols such as the Tomcat or the Bobcat.

The 92FS is a 9x19mm round, with a 15 round magizine. It is a Semi-Automatic double action handgun. Sometimes carryed Akimbo.
I have a beretta...
by Thomas Splasky August 29, 2003
A polymer handgun, one of the most popular models is the 17, which is 9x19mm luger, avalible ported barrels for recoil compensation.

Some argue the glock is the best handgun, other's say it is the 1911.

Glock makes a full auto handgun, known as the Glock 18, it is the same as the 17 but with a selector switch on the slide.
I like glocks better than 1911's.
by Thomas Splasky August 29, 2003
Stands for Smith and wesson, maker of the S&W .500, the most powerful handgun on earth.
Holy hell! I payed 31 dollars for 12 bullets for my SW .500 !!
by Thomas Splasky August 29, 2003
A firearm made by Magnum Research, it fire's .357MAGNUM, .44MAGNUM, and .50 Action express. The magizine capacity's go from 8 to 7. 7 being the .50AE.

Deagle is short for Desert Eagle.
They have a deagle is Cecil B Dememted.
by Thomas Splasky August 29, 2003
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