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1) A large football event held at the end of the football season in which two teams compete for a shiny ring
2) The most common excuse for men to buy a new TV at an obscene price
"Honey, I'm gonna go buy a 78-inch plasma screen TV"
"WHAT?!?!?! We're so poor we can't pay attention!"
"oh... OK"
by Thomas Hersh February 03, 2004
1)a typo commonly made by those who rush to get to the "penis" entries to giggle like sissies at the 125+ definitions; synonyms include pebis, punis, penid, pines, etc.
let's loik up pemis in the dixtiomary
by Thomas Hersh February 03, 2004
to be exceedingly entertaining, much like a clown on fire
Listening to Bush try to talk about foreign affairs is more fun than a clown on fire
by Thomas Hersh February 03, 2004
1) A ghetto way to say "Master"
2) Accompanied by Yessa in the front, the appropriate way to say yes to an adult
Teacher: Get on the floor bitch!
Student: Yessa Massa!
by Thomas Hersh February 03, 2004

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