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Found primarily in the Northern Middle West section of the United States, a highly skilled, extremely reliable species formerly known as a "lathe operator" or "foundry worker". Typically known to have paid taxes, served in the armed forces, engaged in longstanding monogmous relationships with a female of the same species. Usually producing a "family" of four children that "lathe operator" proudly sent off to college that he mostly paid for. Formerly earned $30/hr. at Ford Motor Company. Metamorphosis into "Wal-Mart Worker" seems to occur upon the onset of middle-age when "lathe operator" and "foundy workers" travel to Mexico for several weeks and engage in apparent transfer of skills and expertise to native Mexican species. Metamorphosized "Wal-Mart worker" emerges from habitat after several months after he returns from Mexico during a period of dormancy called "unemployment". Species is usually found in a red vest showing teeth at other North American species and saying, "Welcome to Wal-Mart". Species appears to be less vigorous in metamorphosized state.
Dad's doing OK, even though he's pretty depressed now that he can't do his trade the way he used to; he's become a Wal*Mart worker.
by Thinking Republican February 25, 2008
One of the opposition researchers employed by Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign to find and make up dirty laundry about presidential candidate Barack Obama.
The Clinton campaign paid over $700,000 to over 400 Obama Busters to dig negative information on Barack Obama and to plant negative stories about him in the press.
by Thinking Republican February 09, 2008

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