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What the government doesn't want you to read.They would rather you put all your faith in science so that you go to their government ran educational institutions to be indoctrinated into worshiping the government instead of god.
Q:Who teaches you?


How have they done? (pretty shitty in my book)

God rules governments are GAY.

GOVERNMENTS are NOT your GOD.Are they?

They certainly aren't mine. ^___^
by Think OUTSIDE the BOX! March 13, 2005
Indoctrination tool of the government.
Faith in science is faith in institutions is faith in government.

by Think OUTSIDE the BOX! March 13, 2005
To have zero faith in god and absolute faith in the government and government ran institutions and government indoctrination of the masses through these government ran institutions.
Blind faith in science is blind faith in the government ran institutions of indoctrination.

For atheists the government is god.
by Think OUTSIDE the BOX! March 13, 2005
1. A person who does not believe in a deity or God.

Not true.

Atheists place all of their faith in science,thus in institutions,thus in government ran institutions,thus in indoctrination,thus in the GOVERNMENT.
The GOVERNMENT is the atheists GOD.

Go and blindly follow your GOD (the government) until each and every individual on earth has been indoctrinated and enslaved and forced to give up all our freedom. (gee,do we even have any freedom left?)

Think OUTSIDE your BUNS!
by Think OUTSIDE the BOX! March 13, 2005

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