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More than music - a lifestyle. Baldcore kids dedicate their life to being bald, buff, and hateful. Defining characteristics: lack of hair, camo shorts, ill fitting black band tees with pictures of guns or baseball bats. Stand out baldcore bands are: Powakord, Crowbar, Shai Hulud, Folsom, and Hatebreed.
scene kid 1: Wow look at how tough that hardcore kid is, he is totally an oldschool hardcore ese

scene kid 2: Obviously that guy is into baldcore!

scene kid 1 How do ya know?

scene kid 2: Check that scalp! DUH!

scene kid 1: Ohh cool, I am going to shave my head and be baldcore.

scene kid 2: Ha, I was so baldcore last month. Kids drop outta baldcore faster than straightedge!
by Thick as Blood July 11, 2010
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