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-Fact:An over-used unhealthy prison-like education facility

-Opinion:Where you get repressed by complicated depressed so-called educators, principal and my all time favorite the dean, unless you work your way with 'em, most of the kids have to face a lot of obsticals like the semester, keeping your nose clean, and of course asshole of the "school staff" who will destroy a 5 years old self esteem so they can keep him in a short leash.
Matty is such a fucking hypocrite, all the kids can't wait to get out of school.
by The~Intellectual~Me September 16, 2008
Its when you get burnt accidentally or intentionally by a cigarette creating a round burn on your skin.
-Holy shit! I just found a cherry burn on my ass!

-Holy Shit! i just cherry burnt my ass! it doesn't hurt that much!
by The~Intellectual~Me September 16, 2008
-Fact:Its a slang dictioney that you wrote and it is generally free bad jokes and useless opinions :D

-Opinion:Its A website with a lot of ignorant ass opinions, people and just about everything, racisam, homophobics, and not to mention sexists and the urban dictionary users will always vote down your def no matter how intelligent and/or right it is, if its on the frontpage it would get 3000+ thumbs up even if the user is just copying wiki shit..
UrbanDictionary user:wow, talking about ironic!

Me:fuck off

PS:The Example had to contain the word Urban Dictionary.. just wow
by The~Intellectual~Me September 16, 2008
A word used by complete pink shirt wearing faghatsto sound cooler
scientific fact: 90% of toolbags say rad.
by The~Intellectual~Me September 24, 2008
A fucking video game designed to look like the player is performing a live concert on stage (even though there is only 6 arenas or so)
Anyways, the game is wildly played at parties by some jerkoff tweens, and it is the same thing as that dance revolution game, its a slap in the face to many artists and it is insulting for real rockers, the game is so mainstream you will find it on billboards, websites, radio sations, every company is chipping in, tv, commercials it makes rock look like a fucking manufactured product, and of course-untill now-they are shoving dollar bills up every bands asses so they can sell out(which they do eventually) you like this game whatever, I don't fucking dig commercial rock, its shit it deletes its message. shit even the dead kennedys caved in and sold out, who can blame them for it, fucking lawyers made these guys assraping eachother at every sight, until they fucking rebanded to this plastic commercial shit, at least we still got jello..
Guitar Hero produces stupid mainstreamers and releases a new generation of fake ass artificial phonies, guitar hero is killing true rockers and making them just another toy of corporation greed.
by The~Intellectual~Me September 30, 2008
A lot of people seem to express ignorant opinions over any subject with the lack of facts and evidences. I'm not gonna do that shit

-Fact: Black Sabbath is a very influential heavy metal band formed in the late '60s by four of its original formers: Ozzy Osbourne, Geezer Butler, Tony lommi and Bill Ward, and it had quite a hype over 3 decades.

-Opinion:The band is great don't get me wrong, but theres another definition in my opinion; its when a band formed by a drummer who can't drum, vocalist who doesn't know wtf he is saying. and a guitarist stuck on another planet, and not only that, the band changes its members as often as you change your underwear (20 times btw), and of course half of their mainstream rockers are camping down MTV. I'm not a band hater but quite frankly I'm not a big fan of mainstream.
-Black Sabbath generated a huge and ongrowing fanbase over years, and they made a #1 billboard streak, which is quite impressive.

-You know people are easy to buy, just a few hit albums and you're a "dedicated fan".
i find their style really confusing. and I'm not a big fan of mainstream not to mention heavy metal, because all of these dead child like bands are giving it a bad name.
by The~Intellectual~Me September 16, 2008

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