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1. Some cofusing ass shit that makes no sense what so ever
and causes people to become wannabes so they can fit
into certain crowds.
2. A way for people to tell you who you are.
1. Hey emo is in so I guess I'll cut my wrist and black
my eyes then I'll be popular
2. Labeler: Hey, you're punk cause you wear mohawks and
go to shows and like NOFX
Me: Hey, fuck you
#posser #prep #jock #emo #goth #punk #greebo #rudy #wannabe
by They call me thriller December 04, 2005
"What is up" you just take out 'what' and the 'i' in 'is'. Basically used by lazy teens.
Dude: sup, Erika
Me: yo
#yo #what's up #hey #hi #what's crackin
by They call me thriller December 04, 2005
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