1 definition by They Are Dead To Me

The term you use when people are trying to make you be friends agian with two or more people, after you decided to never be their friend agian. You can use the term, but no one listens to you and keeps on saying how you should go back to being their friends, even though you hate your old friends and your starting to get pisses off at the people that are trying to reunite you with your old friends that you don't want to be around and you just plain don't care about.
Person A: Come on Person B! You know that you and Person C & D are best friends forever!

Person B: Oh my God! Listen to me! I plain, just, don't CARE about them!!! I don't WANT to be their friend! Don't you get that!?!

Person A: Yes. But uh...come on! I want to be the one to reunite the three of you!
by They Are Dead To Me June 09, 2005

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