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3 definitions by ThewhapsticK

The result of a person who texts the same conversations to multiple people simultaneously yet individually, which cheapens the quality of the message, and ultimately the character of the individual.
"OMG we all just got the same message like one after another, thats creeper status"

"Thats total Textflation"

"DAFAQ is that"

"Like those texts are as worthless as he is"
by ThewhapsticK September 02, 2012
Barber shop located inside a garage
I just got a fresh-up at the barage, my fade is tight.
by ThewhapsticK February 29, 2012
A garage salon where hair is cut and styled
Can you move your clients out of the salage, I have to park my volvo.
by ThewhapsticK February 29, 2012