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Are Beautiful Goddess with one of the most gorgeous set of eyes you will ever look into. Smooth skin and always smells good, most of them have long hair, far completion. One of the most sweetest realest woman you would ever find. Definitely a keeper MUST WIFE, a freak in the bed DID I SAY FREAK IN THE BED!! Has a banging ass and would put any average chick to SHAME. Don't ever piss a Theresa off, It will be one of the worst mistake you will ever do. Theresa's Hold grudges like almost forever and they forgive but never forget. Once you lose their trust it's really hard for them to regain it. They tend to over analyze things a little to much, but most of the time their right. They make amazing wife's and are go getters and are always up for a challenge, most of the time always WIN
damn did you see that girl

yea that's Theresa back off and get your own!!
by Theresa'aRdabest February 05, 2010

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