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Ben is the greatest guy in the world. He will always be there for you. Ben's are tall, georgeous, their laugh is just perfect, has an amazing body, Ben's typically have Blondel hair and blue/green eyes. Most Ben are country if not good farm boys that can melt your hart and are AMAZNG in bed.
"Did you see the new hot kid in school, ben?"

"Yeah, hes already talked to me, so nice and fuckable!"

" I just love that amazing country accent!"
by ThEgIrL March 20, 2012
to have sex with a sexy lady named steff. almost like being stuffed. but with a girl.
last night i was steffed & it was awesome
by thegirl November 24, 2006
An alternative word for style other than : fly, ghetto fabulous, The Shiznit, iced-out, etc.

A person's style that's ridiculous is "fly".
My style is off the chain ridiculous cuz I roll like dat!
by Thegirl March 27, 2007

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