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Like terms: Brosama Bin Laden

That friend you have that is a virtual recluse and just ''hides in thier man cave". And when you ask them to hang out, the get really angery.
Jen: "Joey, wanna hang out?"
Joey: "No, shut up im busy!"
Jen: "Joey never wants to hang out anymore. He is such a Broamar Ghadafi."
by Thechopthatdon'twannastop June 29, 2011
Nickname granted only to the highest percentage of overweight popular kids. These kids are the ones that befriend cheerleaders, jocks, and nerds alike. He (Generally a man) is the absolute most awesome person anyone knows.
Jon: Do you guys know Porkchop?
Jared/James: Of course. that dude is so super beast. everyone knows him.
by Thechopthatdon'twannastop July 27, 2011
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