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10 things about Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy
He's a big headed whore face.
He doesnt give 2 fucks about his fans.
He's arogant even Patrick, Andy and Joe have agreed.
He licks basses (Dork)
Says "um" a lot.
Took a monkey to the VMA's as a date because he didnt have anyone else.
Still lives with his parents.
Tried killing himself.
Took pictures of his dick and then his sidekick got "stolen" and thus got published on the net.
Is alegedally dating Ashlee Simpson (silly Pete Wentz).
Looks like he needs a good wash.

Yup yup i think im about done oh not wait TROHMANIA =] okay now im done.
One time I fell in love with a cat, then I realized it wasn't a human being. It was not as sexy as we thought.Pete Wentz" <--- fucking idiot
by The_Black_Shadow_Kiss October 29, 2006

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